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A little about me

I love interacting with the youth about Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Sustainability & STEM.
This is New India & its about innovative methods, new products & ideas which can help sustain our world. Since 2010, through various initiatives I have impacted & addressed more than 4.5 lac students across South Asia.
I strongly believe Entrepreneurship is about the mindset & sustainability having learned it the hard way himself.
I am a faculty with an entrepreneurial background who loves teaching & researching about Entrepreneurship. Currently working towards making Indian Startup ecosystem better through collaboration and research with national & international institutions.
I mentors startups & corporates using design thinking & innovation models designed as per global standards. In my startup journey I collaborated/worked with nearly 250+ educational institutions.
As STEM plays a very important role in one's overall development & also it's hands-on, students love it & I have been vocal about this model of education at government as well as public podiums.
For work life balance I often love getting lost in nature to rejuvenate away from the unoriginal Metro life.
One of my gurus had quoted & I resonate it, "Spending time for your passion is important but spending it with your loved one's is more important with your share of opportunity cost.

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I do amazing things for the Youth, Startups, Corporates & India


Interacted with more than 4.5+ lac students across various demographies in India and South Asian region. VOcal about STEM Education & Startups at campuses.


Helping startups & startup enthusiasts to find market, develop new product, team building, business modelling, get incubated, etc.


I help in answering critical business questions faster. With a customized design sprint to de-risk projects & incorporate business model innovation in the journey.

The Fun of being in a Start Up - Book

It is for startup enthusiasts, founders, researchers, educators & mentors. The content follows the startup chronology, it's crisp & to the point. It resonates with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, "It's only when we are faced with failure do we realize that these resources were always there within us. This book is the blood & sweat from yesteryears & can accompany anyone at the various levels of their start-up journey. There are endless Entrepreneurial opportunities in India & hence I recommend it to all those who want to do something new, rare & innovative. "INDIA needs YOU, WORLD needs YOU".

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Workshops | Design Sprints | Hackathons | Hands-Ons

Introduce your team to the design thinking process, and give them hands-on experience with the different methods and tools it involves. Empathize, ideate, prototype, and validate. Get it done in under a week. Want to build innovation capability as a student, startup or business? You can select from our different modules. Talk to me to build a program that matches your needs.

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Seminars | Panel Discussion | Keynote | Guest lectures

With the diverse experience in the field of education, startup & research for over a decade. I love to share my thoughts with the youth, organisations, government & public platforms. With over 1,000+ seminars & lectures delivered since 2010 you can be rest assured for an engaging speaker to match your needs.

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Entrepreneurship Research

Entrepreneurship for me is about the Mindset, since after my graduation I myself ventured into 1st generation Entrepreneurial journey, I can say I taught & prepared myself for what it takes to startup. With Entrepreneurship research I want to explore how we can teach Entrepreneurship as well as how we can better entrepreneurial ecosystems.

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The WORK Overview

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My Associations

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    Lean Campus Startups

    Propagating Entrepreneurship through education & research. As the founding member it is my responsibility to engage with the organisations to propagate #Atmanirbharta

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    Mission Catalyst

    Working towards life of differently abled better! With innovative teaching & educational practices.

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    Mentor of Change

    As a mentor of change with Niti Aayog, I am focused on training students to come up with innovative solutions for the global problems.

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    Associated as a Mentor & Judge for National Entrepreneurship Challenge. Creating Job Creators in collaboration with E-Cell IITB

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    TiE Mumbai

    Assocaited with the "The Indus Entrepreneurs - Mumbai Chapter for several years now. Connecting & growing the like minded community

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    EDI India

    I was awarded with a Fellowship by EDII Ahmedabad, Gujarat with respect to Entrepreneurship research. Since then I have been associate with the people at EDII

What the readers & clients said
  • 5/5 stars - Perfectly blended Recipe for a startup.
    Mr. Rathod's book is short Bible for individuals who wants to venture into great heights in business environment. Umesh with his experience from various fields as poured his thoughts in making it a perfect ready recipe for someone who wants to venture into startup world. And being a covid situation it's right time to have 'Atma Nirbar' attitude which someone can achieve from a proper guidance from this book. Looking forward for more thoughts from him.
    - Yayati Jadhav

  • 5/5 stars - A must buy book.
    The fun of being in a start up book is a bible for those who are thinking of starting their own business. The author has tried to cover each and every aspect of starting up and everything has been explained well.I recommend this book to anyone thinking of starting up.
    - Mayur Donwalkar

  • 5/5 stars - Perfect concoction of ideas.
    I am happy to have come across this book as it ventures in to various aspects of starting up directly from someone who has been there done that. The writer's firsthand experience in a form of a story makes it a very interesting read and makes us ponder about the immense scope in starting up in the current ecosystem.
    - Amazon reader

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